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Our Latest Printing Methods Helps Publishers Save Money

Markono started off as a small establishment in 1967. We were printing business cards and stationery. Over half a century later we are the largest printing company in Asia, printing more than a million pages in a day. So, what has spurred this growth? It is the modernization of the methods and changing ourselves according to the market requirements.

We have been keeping ourselves aware of the changes that were happening in the publishing industry. Publishers thought that printing in bulk was the best way to be profitable. But over the years they have found that almost 30% of what is published is pulped. This is a huge amount of waste of not only material but also costly storage space. They realized how their profits were getting eroded. Markono studied the situation and stepped in with the best solution. We introduced the print on demand method.

Publishers can get their bulk printing done on the offset printer. This is still the most economical method for bulk printing. They can print the end of life printing on the offset and on digital printing for small quantities. They can also print the new edition with a medium run on the offset printer. With this, they stop the printing. The digital copy of the book is available with Markono. If there is a requirement for more copies of the book, we can get the exact small quantity printed on the digital printer. This prevents a lot of excess printing and returns. This system has greatly helped the publishers in saving a lot of money. They are returning to the days of seeing good profits. Markono is the pioneer in the method of print on demand Singaporehas.

We are not just good at printing exact numbers, but we are also the best in quality of printing. We use the latest printing technologies to give the best quality books. We maintain perfect color consistency and accuracy with the help of latest color management tools. We also offer our customers different binding options for the books.

With our most modern supply chain management methods, we ensure timely delivery of the books to the customers. We are the printers offering the best e-commerce fulfillment Singapore
has seen.